Mini Groom is for Small Breeds

Med-Long Hair:

Small Breeds: Shih tzu, Lhasa, Maltese, Papillion, Pekinese, Yorkshire Terrier, Silk Terrier, Toy poodle Etc. ASK US IF YOUR BREED IS NOT LISTED


Bath♦Dry♦Light Brush♦Nails♦Ear Cleaning ♦Sanitary Trim

*prices vary upon dog, condition, and temperament.

Prices Start at $30

♦Add Face/eyes $5 extra

♦Add Feet trim/rounding $5 extra

Get a Full Groom for small breed(s)

Starting at $55 all inclusive*

*prices vary upon dog, condition, and temperament.

(download Clover for discounts)



A mini groom is a simple maintenance clean-up for Smaller type canine breeds without the full haircut. 



  • Bath
  • Hand Blow Dry
  • Light Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Eye Clearing
  • Sanitary Trim

NOT Included (See Extras)

  • Hair cut on Body, Legs, Head, Face
  • Flea bath/treatment
  • Brushing out Matting or major knots
  • Teeth Brushing

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  • Less Expensive than a full Grooming!* (See disclaimer at bottom)
  • Occasions- Keeps your small canine’s skin and coat clean and smelling fresh for any event or occasions!


  • Small breeds start at $30. Price is determined by size, coat condition, temperament, and extras.


  • Rounding of feet- $5
  • Shaping around face and head- $5
  • Teeth brushing- $7


Mini Grooms are NOT a full grooming type haircut on the torso, legs, head, and face. Prices vary with each small canine. We CANNOT perform a mini groom service on a dog that is in need of a FULL HAIRCUT. If you schedule a mini groom, and your canine NEEDS  FULL GROOM, a groomer will inform you at the time of appointment. Extra charge for any flea baths, teeth brushing, knots, extra trimming, and temperament. We do not recommend more that 2 Mini grooms per month.

Items we currently sell are listed below for PICKUP only.

During covid, our lobby is closed. Products listed below are discounted for sale and for order/pickup only. Call us: 732-408-0279

MOST POPULAR: “Tougher than Tangles”

Us groomers use this daily & recommend it! Due to popular demand, it sells out quickly. Great for DOODLES and smoothly glides through knots for Medium to Long Hair breeds.

ORDER NOW, We’ll call you as soon as we get it!

Our Price $14


Amazon sells for $20

Inventory is limited- order for pickup.

All Shampoos are $10 each til April 12th



For Store Pick-Up Only: Pickup at our store location in Lakehurst, NJ  Click here to Message us to order for Pick Up!

Inventory is limited-order for pickup

Serestos: $60

For Store Pick-Up Only: Pickup at our store location in Lakehurst, NJ  Click here to Message us to order for Pick Up!

Inventory is limited- order for pickup

All Sprays are

$9 each

(pro sense is $3)


For Store Pick-Up Only: Pickup at our store location in Lakehurst, NJ  Click here to Message us to order for Pick Up!

$8 Wipes



For Store Pick-Up Only: Pickup at our store location in Lakehurst, NJ  Click here to Message us to order for Pick Up!

Nail Trimmers &

Quik Solution (for nails cut short)


1. Regular Combs, brushes, & slickers

2. Deshedding: Undercoat & Rakes

Brushes For Shedding:

Undercoat & Rakes

Shampoos & Wipes


Tear Stains
DIY Grooming. (Basic & cheaper)

PLEASE use at your own risk. Contact us and/or your vet about what to use.

Cheaper scissors require more sharpening
Make sure this clipper includes #10 blade
Different lengths. Place one over #10 blade.
DIY Grooming (More ADVANCED)

PLEASE use at your own risk! Contact us and/or your vet about what to use.

For Apprentices & Pro Groomers, Mid-grade to expensive.

As a groomer of 10+ years, Here’s what I use & recommend.

What are the requirements for grooming?
CURRENT Rabies vaccination
What is the Price for Grooming & What's Included?
  • Full Grooming includes Bath, nail trim/ Dremmel(filing), & any haircut. Prices range depending on each and every dog. Please contact us to get a quote.
  • Mobile grooming is a more expensive than the Grooming shop.
What are the Payment methods?
  • We accept Visa, Discover, American Express, Master Card, and Cash. NO CHECKS.
I Have a Shedding Dog Can They Be Shaved?
They can, but a “Shaving Form” Must be signed prior to Grooming.
Their coat acts as insulation for BOTH Hot & Cold weather.
For Example: Turn the AC on in your house, then take the roof off.

  • Shaving may affect the regrowth of the hair.
  • Some hair may not regrow, resulting in a “patchy” or bare appearance.
  • The color may change, as undercoat is often different than guard hair. (top hair)
  • The dog may be more susceptible to sunburn
  • Cutting the fur will NOT stop shedding. It will simply result in the shedding of shorter hairs.
My Dog Got Skunked, Do you provide services, and is there a home remedy?
​YES, we provide services for extra charge, but just like the home remedy, it is NOT A CURE. It only removes present topical oils that hasn’t seeped into their skin yet. Dogs are usually sprayed in Face/Neck areas.

  • Home remedy can cause irritation to human and dog.
  • Every time dog is wet/cleaned, skunk smell can re-appear up to 9 months depending on the dog.
  • Link for HOME REMEDY. De-Skunking Home Application​​ (Humane Society)
Do you groom elderly and/or disabled dogs?
ABSOLUTELY. As long as they are vet cleared and meet the requirements for grooming. We schedule them ahead of time, we prepare to equip the appropriate help for that day to guide grooming smoothly, quickly, for their grooming experience. We do NOT push their limitations.
Do You take BIG dogs, like shepards, labs, goldens, Rotties and also.. Pitbulls?
Small to XXXXL breeds as long as they allow grooming.
Do you Take Uneasy/ Hyper Active Dogs?
Yes, I have many and ALWAYS welcome more. I will never say no without trying. Some may need a 30-45 walk prior to grooming. Some dogs I have are given medication by their vet, I DO NOT GIVE MEDICATION, prior to grooming to ease their grooming experience. PLEASE inform me when you make your appointment, Some dogs need longer time for grooming than others.
Do you groom aggressive dogs?
Yes. We will do as much as they allow. We try our best to work WITH them in a positive way, so they don’t look at grooming in a negative way. Some may need vet prescribed medication prior to grooming(we DO NOT administer meds). Click to view our Video on this subject
My dog has health issues, are they able to be groomed?
As long as they are cleared by their vet for grooming, yes. We will NOT groom any dog in serious health condition.