Welcome to Our Shop!

We LOVE what we do.

We work with you and your pet to create a positive, easier grooming experience.
If any owner or dog needs assistance prior to entering our shop, please let us know, we come out to help!

Upon entering, the groomer will have a one on one with the owner and their pet.
Choice of shampoo, haircut, and further care will be discussed. We call about 15 minutes before they’re finished with their grooming. Upon pickup, we will ask the client if they’d like any changes. Feel free to make any adjustments of their haircut to your liking upon pick-up.

Our policy allows up to 3 days to make change for free.

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Gone Grooming Update(s):

  • As of Monday March 23 2020, Law states we must close & cannot produce business until further notice.


  • This includes: STORE & MOBILE GROOMING.

  • We are trying to keep our clients updated the BEST we can. We are dedicated to our work, and cannot wait to get back to grooming!!!

We are here to help you ONLINE!

We understand that this virus is an inconvenience for EVERYONE, but we’re here if you need to get in touch with us!

Whether it’s general information or grooming questions, contact us!


CALL: 732-408-0279

CALL/TEXT: 732-716-2691

Facebook / Messaging:

Do you have an uneasy dog? We can help. Scroll to bottom for info.

Special Pricing

Mini Grooms

Mini Groom is for Small Breeds

Med-Long Hair:

Small Breeds: Shih tzu, Lhasa, Maltese, Papillion, Pekinese, Yorkshire Terrier, Silk Terrier, Toy poodle

Bath♦Dry♦Nails♦Ear Cleaning♦Sanitary

*prices vary upon dog, condition, and temperament.

Prices Start at $30

♦Add Face/eyes $5 extra

♦Add Feet trim/rounding $5 extra

Get a Full Groom for small breed(s)

Starting at $55 all inclusive*

*prices vary upon dog, condition, and temperament.

(download Clover for discounts)

We Do weekly videos on youtube & pics on instagram


Full Groom Prices Med-Long hair

*Prices will vary depending upon dog, coat, temperament.

*Prices will vary depending upon dog, coat, temperament.

A La Carte

Small dog nail trim $10

Large dog nail trim $15

Teeth brushing: $7

De-mat charge: $15 to 30 additional for no hair cut. (Waiver to be signed as of 2/2020)

Skunk Bath: $20-30 depending on Breed Size

Flea Bath: $15-20 extra

Coloring: $10 for 1 portion, or $30 Owners choice.

Bandana/Bowtie/Bows: FREE upon request when available

Anal Gland Expression: We do not recommend for health reasons, seek your vet.

Notes From the Owner.

Do you have an Uneasy/Agressive dog?


I’m Cassie.

Grooming non-stop since 2009
I own a grooming shop and mobile van since 2015.
Everyday, it’s a new day. With dogs, everyday is different, and I love to be a part of their world.

             Do you have an uneasy breed?

In my 10 years grooming, I have groomed a lot of dogs that are uneasy or somewhat “aggressive”. Have hope, because I am here to help.  There’s many different ways and manuevers that I use to help ease their grooming process. If you have a dog that shows such, let me know. 

Call/text: 732-408-0279

How are you different than Petco / PetSmart?

In my 10 years experience, Small shops vs big rig will always have differences. They may be able to take 5-10 dogs at one time, but they may be caged. We rarely cage dogs. As a smaller shop “mom & pop” type of shop we work with dogs.

We have 3 different partions in our shop that allow dogs to be dogs.  If some do not get along with others, they are in a different partition.

I have been a groomer for 10 years, with a shop partition system for over 5 years. Employees wor